1) Раскройте скобки ипоставьте гл

1) Раскройте скобки ипоставьте глаголы...

1) Раскройте скобки ипоставьте глаголы в будущее время (Simple, Continuous, Perfect), переведите
предложения на русский язык.

1.I hope they (to
receive) my letter by that time.

2.Before going to the
South she (to finish) all her work.

3.You (to sell) the
flat by the end of the month?

4.He (not to visit)
his relatives tonight. He (to prepare) for exams the whole evening.

5.Don’t call him. He
(to take) his driving test at 10
a.m. tomorrow.

2) Подчеркните сказуемое
предложения, определите его видовременную форму, переведите предложения на
русский язык.

1.Before I come, I’ll
ring you up.

2.We celebrated her
birthday last week.

3.Look out of the window!
It is snowing heavily and the children are making snowmen.

4.My brother will
have returned by 10 p.m.

5.Englishmen are very
religious and they usually go to church at weekends.

6.She has never made
any mistakes in her tests.

7.When I visited him
yesterday, he had learnt the poem and was playing with the cat.
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12 Января 2017
1) will have received; 2) will have finished; 3) will you have sold; 4) won't visit; will be preparing; 5) will be taking; 1) прежде, чем я приду, я позволю тебе - future simple; 2) мы отпраздновали ее день рождения на прошлой неделе - past simple; 3) посмотри в окно! Идет много снега, и дети делают снеговиков - simple continuous; 4) мой брат вернется к 10 часам вечера - future perfect; 5) англичане очень религиозны и обычно ходят в церковь по выходным - present simple; 6) она никогда не делала ошибок в тестах - present perfect; 7) кона я вчера его встретил, он выучил поэму и играл с котом - past perfect, past continuos