5 класс. What were she and her friends doing in that da

5 класс. What were she...

5 класс. What were she and her friends doing in that day? Write about Helen's holiday's.Dear Linda, I am in the sports camp. We are having a nice time. The weather is nice. My friends are doing different things. Steve and Tom are playing tennis. Ann is reading a book. Sarah and Ken are watching a film in the TV room. Sam is doing a puzzle. John and Dave are not doing anything, they are talking. Bon and Pete are swimming in the pool. How are you spending your summer holidays?See you soon, Helen
On the third of jule Helen and her friends were in the sports camp. At 11 am
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15 Апреля 2016
Past Simple-Прошедшее простое время. Это правильные и не правильные глаголы правильные--------например:cook ed       неправильные-----------------например:swim-swam (НУЖЕН СПЕЦИАЛЬНЫЙ СЛОВАРИК ПРАВИЛЬНЫХ И НЕПРАВИЛЬНЫХ ГЛАГОЛОВ) C остальным сами разберётесь! :-)    Пожалуйста!!!