В Краци на английском надо напис

В Краци на английском...

В Краци на английском надо написать о чем этот текст,Помогите пожалуйста!:)))

1)Today in the United States mass media never shows old people asweak or helpless.
Old people in the US are called senior citizens.In this way Americans show respect
for the long life people have lived.It is an honour to be a citizen of a great country
and the word senior means high in rank and status.Senior citizend are called
the generation at the top.The age of retirement is sometimes called the golden age.

Old people are as different as young people in their talents skills and abilities.
Nowadays after people retire they remain active.They often work and they help their
children and grandchildren.They travel and do sport.They can give young people
good advice and tell them exciting stories.

2)In the US you have to be very careful about the words you use to speak about
minorities.You will be accused of discrimination if you show
disrespect toward different groups.Making ethnic jokes is very hurtful to people and
shows politically incorrect behaviour.
You will be accused of racism if you use the improper term for people who have black
skin.The Us no longer uses the word Negro like in the old days.The term Negro
does not refer to a persons country of origin so it is not politically correct.Most black
people on the Us now prefer the term African American.

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12 Января 2017

 1.This text is about the attitude of Americans towards older people.it states that senior citizens have their own interests, habits. old age must be respected.

2. This text speaks of the attitude to ethnic minorities. in the United States are not allowed offensive jokes against African Americans.  you can be severely punished for it.