записать по русски как читается

записать по русски...

записать по русски как читается по англиски)

1)We live in a four-room apartment. My favorite place in the apartment is my room. My roomis not very big.My room is a bedroom.It is good, comfortable and cozy.komnote in a small window.On the windowsill is a flower.The room has a bed, wardrobe and desk.On the table is a computerI like my apartment. 2)Once I zabolel.Rano morning I poshol in school and put his hat on his head on the street was only 3 gradusa.A night I got up temperatura.Bolet I do not like because then you have a lot to learn myself and catch klass.Mne had each asked provedovat like I said get well.

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30 Марта 2016

вы сами это сочиняли?не правильный перевод некоторых слов!