I.Fill in the gaps with still, artistic, hall, remain, priva

I.Fill in the gaps with...

I.Fill in the gaps with still, artistic, hall, remain, private, recovery, foster, burst, involved1.No one knows the author*s name, as he chooses to…anonymous.2.The children had to sit perfect … while the photographer was taking their picture.3.You cannot draw graffiti on that man*s house, it is … property.4.Children often express their … creativity through finger painting and drawing.5.Mr Anderson is giving a presentation on green transport at the town … this evening.6.Sarah has joined a community action group which helps find … homes for homeless animals.7.John looked after the injured bird until it made a full … .8.She loves children and often gets … with children*s charities.9.Cindy … into tears when a car almost ran over her dog.II.Choose the right form1.The Eiffel Tower( is/has been) visited by about 6 million people each year.2.The exhibits in the museum must not (be/are) touched.3.Luckily, the fire (had been/ was) put out before anyone got hurt.4.This film (was/was being) shown to the students when I came into the classroom.5.Do not worry. A fax (is/is being) sent by my secretary right now.
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14 Апреля 2016
1) remain
2) still
3) private
4) artistic
5) hall
6) foster
7) recovery
8) involved
9) burst

1) is
2) be
3) had been put
4) was being
5) is being sent