Матч двух частей предложений. По

Матч двух частей предложений. Поставьте...

Матч двух частей предложений. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Present Perfect.

1.Jim ... ... (repair) his bicycle, a)because I ... ... (leave) mypen at home

2.I can't write the test b)becausa she ... just ... (return)from her holidays.

3.Kate missed several Englich lessson c)I ... ... (buy) apples, sugar and butter

4.They ... ... (be) to Oxford, d) so he can ride in the park with his friends

5.You can't go for a walk e)so they can tell us about the town

6.Let's make an apple pie f)because you ... not ... (finish) your composition

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30 Марта 2016

1. - D, has repaired

2.  - A, have left

3.  - B, has just returned

4.  - E, have been

5.  - F, haven't finished

6.  - C, have bought