мне нужно на завтра werewolf story плиз

мне нужно на завтра werewolf...

мне нужно на завтра werewolf story плизз помогите

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8 Апреля 2016
Werewolf Story. 
Once upon a time in a deep dark forest a little werewolf was born. He was very unusual, because he loved nature. Werewolf grew up. He became a strong man with big muscles. Than he decided to visit the town. He loved his motherland, but he wanted to try the city-life. In this town he noticed very beautiful women with dark hair and big blue eyes. Werewolf fell in love. He met this young women near the shop and asked her: -what is your name? 
Women smiled and answered:- caronline, and what is yours? -so, I am Ben.. 
- Nice to meet you, ben - said Caroline and run away. They loved each other, but caronline did not know that he is an werewolf. One day Ben decided to confess that he is a werewolf. He did it. Caronline answered : honey, no matter who you are, I love you. The end.
Не знаю, правильно ли сделала, но вот