Нужно написать сочинение про сво

Нужно написать сочинение про своё...

Нужно написать сочинение про своё худшее путешествие (плохая погода, потеря багажа, проблемы с номером, холодная вода в море и и т.п)
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16 Апреля 2016
My worst journey .I came to Egypt, and very soon due to the fact that the distance was not the weather that I raschityval.No disorder did not end in a travel agency , we were promised a nice hotel, but we arrived at the hotel where it was less than 2 stars. The hot water in the hotel was only at lunch , and sometimes in the evening . When given good weather we decided to go with my mom for souvenirs relatives. But instead of good feelings I have come to absolutely Rastroenie room stole my wallet. Having spent a couple of days at the hotel due to bad weather and lack of money we returned home.Not really rested, and nothing does not kupya I went home . That's how I spent my worst trip to Egypt .