Очините небольшой текст наангли

Очините небольшой текст наанглийском Мy...

Очините небольшой текст наанглийском Мy school day и можно перевод на русский пожалуйста^^
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17 Апреля 2016
My School Day

On week days I get my alarm-clock for a quarter past seven but I get up at half-past seven. It takes me about ten minutes to wash and get dressed and then I go downstairs and have breakfast. Usually for breakfast I drink a cup of tea and have some marmalade and a toast. Then quickly I sort out my books for the day and meet my friend at the corner of my street at ten past eight.
By twenty past eight we are at school and we are able to talk to out friends for twenty minutes before we have to go to our separate classes for registration at twenty minutes to nine. At nine o’clock our lessons start. They last for forty-five minutes but then at eleven o’clock we have mid-morning breakfast for twenty minutes and then have one more lesson before lunch-time.