Помогите очень нужно!!!))) Rewrite the sen

Помогите очень нужно!!!))) Rewrite the...

Помогите очень нужно!!!))) Rewrite the sentences. Use the present perfect and FOR or SINCE. 1) They started studying English five years ago. (for) 2)She doesn't do karate any more. She stopped doing it last month. (for) 3) We're in a Maths lesson. It started at ten o'clock. (since) 4) He plays tennis. He started playing it when he was five. (since) заранее спасибо!

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21 Апреля 2016

1)They have studied English for five years
2)She hasn't done karate for a month 
3)We have been in a Math lesson since 10 o'clock
4) He has played tennis since he was five