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a. “How many bedrooms are there?” Sally asked.b. “When do you want to move in?” Mrs Mawby asked.

c. “What sort of heating is there? Sally asked.

d. “How often do you want the rent?” Sally asked.

e. “How far is it to the shops?” Sally asked.

f. “What do you think of the flat?” Mrs Mawby asked.

g. “Where have you been today?”

h. “What have you been buying?”

i. “Where do you intend to go tomorrow?”

j. “Why don’t you learn Spanish?”

k. “Where are you going for your holidays?”

l. “When I see him, what shall I say?”

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31 Марта 2016

Sally asked how many bedrooms there were

Mrs Mawby asked when i wanted to move in

Sally asked what sort of heating there was

Sally asked how often I wanted the rent

Sally asked how far it was to the shops

Mrs Mawby asked what i thought of the flat