Рассказ о красной телефонной буд

Рассказ о красной телефонной будки...

Рассказ о красной телефонной будки на английске с переводом ))) пожалуйста очень нужно! заранееспасибо)))
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30 Марта 2016
London color — red.

Keba at the beginning of the nineteenth century were red. Mailboxes are red. Until recently there were red telephone booths. The red buses.. .The same color (for the most part) were at one time and subway trains. The tiles of Roman London was red. First the London wall was built of red Sandstone. Even London bridge has said that he has a red tint: allegedly, according to the ancient ritual of construction, it was a “sprinkle with blood of little children.”

London's largest capitalists, members of the Guild of merchants of silk and velvet, wearing their red suits. In the “London chronicle” for the year 1399 figure “the mayor, recorder and aldermen of London in their ceremonial attire scarlet”, and in ode glorifying the solemn entry into the city of Henry VI in 1432, is referred to the “honorable mayor, covered in red velvet”. The inhabitants of the Chelsea hospital still wear red clothes.

Much later "Rutmastery"( red double-Decker buses with open footboard disappeared from the regular urban routes) were painted in traditional red, originally established for buses, because it is a symbolic color for London - that were originally red mailboxes and phone booths.

London is the city of fog

By the end of the nineteenth century fogs in London became more and more frequent scourge. The list of the most ominous came in the fogs of December 1881, January 1882, November 1901, January - February 1918, November 1921 and December 1924. The mist that fell on London in December 1952 caused over 4 thousand victims.
In December 1957 the fog led to a train crash in the East of London, in Luiseo, which killed 87 people.

....strong and dirty fogs in London were formed from the huge amount of dust and soot emitted from the furnace and the chimney pipe.

A suspension of microscopic droplets of moisture and particles of coal soot created that SMY "could", which not only made it impossible to move - even birds and beasts were lost in it the way, - but also led to serious lung diseases. Fogs have been frequent cause of accidents.. .

John Evelyn wrote a special treatise on the fogs, in which he proposed to abandon coal furnace, to expel from the city all kinds of noisy and dirty trade and for the convenience of the residents to plant in the city a lot of bright colors.

These recommendations became reality only in the twentieth century. It may be that the anti fog is due to the fact that the favorite color of the coloring pages mailbox and crews became red. There are many red flowers in the flower beds and red telephone booths. In the fog red color is visible best.