Ребят можете составить 10 примеро

Ребят можете составить 10 примеров...

Ребят можете составить 10 примеров future conditionalНачинается: if i do my homework, i will go for a work это пример в классе писали можете помочь
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22 Апреля 2016
1 If it's
sunny and hot tomorrow, we will go to the beach.

2 He will help you to translate the article if you ask him.

3 George will be angry if you use his computer without asking

4 If I find out her e-mail, I will write her.

If you don't work hard, you won't pass exams.

6 If the weather is fine tomorrow, we will go on a boat trip.

7 We’ll play volleyball, if the rain stops.

8 If I go to London, I will visit the Tower of London.

9 If you don’t hurry, we will miss the bus.

10 If my parents buy me a new computer for my birthday, I will be very happy.