Сочинение на тему 1 сентября 5 кла

Сочинение на тему 1 сентября...

Сочинение на тему 1 сентября 5 класс по программе Биболетова

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21 Апреля 2016
September 1st, schoolchildren and students celebrate the Knowledge Day. The new school year starts on this day. Traditionally, schoolchildren and school staff gather for a celebration of education.Families come with their children to support them.Especially when you go to school for the first time.You worry and do not know what to do or what to say,how behave in the school. 
After long period of resting,enjoying holidays you are getting used to school schedule again.Maybe,it seems that you do not want to get up early in the mornings,prepare lessons,but in the same time you can meet with all your good friends and teachers.Pupils come with flowers and give them to favouriteteachers.It'
s very important day for all :pupils,parents,teachers.Thus,September 1st happens.
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