Выберите 3 правильных ответаWhich of

Выберите 3 правильных ответаWhich of...

Выберите 3 правильных ответаWhich of these sentences are about future?
1) I’m meeting her later this evening.

2) I’ve been there this

3) I won’t go anywhere.

4) We’re staying with our

5) He’s going to spend the
whole summer abroad.

6) They want to read all the books in the

8. Choose 3 correct sentences in the Past Continuous

1) They were
played the whole evening.

2) My sister was
working as a nurse for a year.

3) I was
painting my room tomorrow morning.

4) You weren’t
paying attention during the lesson.

5) My friends
was planning their holiday in winter.

6) His father was working in the garden all Sunday.
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25 Апреля 2016